Saturday, March 6, 2010


This is the 99th post of this blog and I officially announce that Plamo World has been moved! I thank all the readers for your support for this blog and I hope you will continue to drop by my new blog. However, this blog will not be deleted, and from today onwards, I will be posting everything on my new blog. Here's the link and I'll catch you guys there!

See ya!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Posing possibilities!

Posing has always been one of the most important role in Gunpla. Without a great pose, a model is pretty much expressionless! And as requested by my friend, I decided to write on this topic before taking a break for my exams!
What does it comes to your mind when it comes to posing? How do you want to pose your models and make it stand out from others? For me, I think that a model with great articulation will be the best choice! The model does not need to have too much gimmicks, just a plain simple, well articulated model will do. The angle of posing is also very important as well, I am certain that you do not want your model to look so awkward in a great pose yeah?
For a standing pose, instead of having the model to stand so upright and awkward, try making it more dynamic!
The head can be looking down, staring angrily at something. Spread the arms and legs apart, bend the arms a little and there you have it!
For a ground pose, instead of having just the rifle up, pointing at something, you can have the shield ramming at something, or even make use of the waist articulation and have it shooting something behind!
For aerial poses, a action base really helps the model to get the pose you desired. With the action base, almost any poses you want can be done, just let your creativity run wild! ^^
Make use of every single thing the model have. Be it the weapons, articulation, gimmicks or even the story behind the model, they can be really helpful for posing!
Although SDs are not as articulated as HGs or MGs, they can be really good at posing as well!
Aiming down at the barrel, charging with the sword, or even pointing the sword arrogantly at something, a SD kit can do it as well!
So yeap, there are endless possibilities of posing your models!
Be it a riding pose...
A simple patrolling stance...
Standing upright...
Or even a flying stance, these poses can look great and really stand out from other models by adding a little creativity to it!
That's all for this post! Hope you had enjoy it and the pictures.
Till the next post and have fun posing your models!

Friday, February 19, 2010

MG Super Gundam- Get!

Thanks a lot to my cousin, I manage to get this old Master Grade kit! It was really kind and wonderful of him to give me such a huge gift during the Lunar New Year, and well, despite being a pretty old kit, the contents are still in perfect condition! ^^
Haha, and because of this kit, Kakuka Virsago's post might not be up so soon. But still, I will try to complete it as soon as possible. Hmm... there are too many kits waiting for me to be built and I do not have the time at all!
As soon as you open the huge box, you will get a lot of trees, a few dry and water decals and a very traditional instruction manual. ^^ Like many older Master Grade models, there will be a cardboard insert inside the box, showing a picture of the completed kit in all its glory!
As the kit includes parts for both the Gundam MK-II and the G-Defenser to form the Super Gundam, there are really a lot of trees and parts which also includes a huge polycap tree. ^^
Like all MG kits, the instruction manual have a very plain cover with the mecha's head printed on the front. There will also be several diroma showing the model and some painting guides. Other than that, older Master Grade kits' manuals have really odd instruction guides. There will usually be a column on the left of the manual, listing down all the parts to be build first which will be use later. However, they are all in Japanese and sometimes, I will try to figure what the guide is showing all about. O_O

Anyway, I had already completed the upper body of the MK-II and I got to say that I am pretty satisfied so far. The arms have great articulation and the cockpit opens up with no problem at all. So yeah, I will be working on the MK-II and Kakuka for now.
And lastly, thanks alot to my cousin again for this great gift! ^^
Till the next post people!

Friday, February 12, 2010

SD Kakuka Virsago- Get!

Got this small little kit back last week while getting stuff for the upcoming Lunar New Year. ^^ I am now waiting for my Senjin Gasshin Shu Gundam, Emperor Sonken and the Seven Swords/G that I had already reserved at Hobby Point. But for now, this SD will keep me busy. ^^
The box might be small but the kit is packed with so much gimmicks that I cannot help but to keep full marks for its playability! However, some parts from this kit isn't that great. Some are too tight while others are pretty loose. Especially the fan and the swords, the handle is too thick for the hands to hold. I guess some sanding might work... Anyway, I had already snap fitted this kit, and everything seems to be looking great!
Advisor mode I guess? The effects of the cape looks awesome. ^^
Commander mode! ^^
And of course, its infamous Demon mode!
From all its modes and stuff, there are so many parts to be work on, and well, the instructions of all its modes can just barely be fitted into its manual!
Anyway, I have already started some painting on it already. I wanna finish it before school starts again. ^^
That is all for this post, I will be getting those 3 kits I reserved and they are really exciting! I can't wait to get my hands on them, so yeah, stay tune for that!
Till the next post and enjoy your Lunar New Year people!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Toys from the past!

I was packing my room last weekend when I found many great old toys I got back when I as a kid. And well, before getting into Gundam models, I collected quite a variety of toys. They include, Lego, action figures, cars and even plush toys. Some of them are still one of my favourites even till today. ^^

I have been a big fan of Ultraman ever since I was a kid. For some reasons, they look really cool and thier shows are great! Haha!! I collected quite a bunch of figures of them. However, I guess some of them were already in the bin during the last few packing attempts.
Other than those action figures, I collected some other stuff related to Ultraman too. They include the fighters shown in the series and even some spin-offs by Bandai!
All these toys are already almost a decade old already and they are still awesome!
I collect cars too for some reasons. I remember I have a few racing tracks for those cars but I just can't find it.
What's more, I even collected the toys from McDonalds!!
 Haha, Snoopy looks great. ^^
I have some Pokemon figures too but I am only left with these two now. Gengar looks awesome with his clear body and his evil smile.
Other than those mentioned above, I have Megazords from the Power Rangers and even Mighty Beans! Haha, I still keep them today and I gotta say that those toys are really enjoyable during my childhood days. ^^
So yeap, that's all for this short post...
All these boxes are still bugging me!
Till the next post!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

HGUC Unicorn Gundam (Destroy mode)- Completed!

Phew! Finally completed this kit. It had been a pretty hectic week in school. I'm so busy that I barely have enough time for Gunplas. Haha, anyway, lets get to the kit now!
Front view.
Rear view.
The design of the destroy mode has always been one of my favourites. It is very unique and amazing. ^^ Like what I heard somewhere before, I agree that the Unicorn's destroy mode is much more realistic than Celestial Being's suits going Trans-Am. The Unicorn armour just opens and reveals sparkling pink parts instead of the whole suit glowing in red.
The head of the Unicorn is really cool. It has a clear pink piece inside the head which can be seen from the vents and the chin. ^^ And this time, I hand painted the eyes rather than using stickers as I accidentally screwed the sticker up. But still, I'm pretty satisfied with the look of the eyes.
The torso does not resemble any other ones from a Gundam. Instead of the traditional red, blue and white, The white armour split open to reveal clear pink pieces inside. Very nice. ^^
The arms are better than the previous Unicorn in its unicorn mode. For some reasons, the one from the unicorn mode has a very loose joint and it tends to split apart when rotating it side to side. However, this does not happen for this guy. The arms are solid and because of the transformation, the beam sabers on the side of the arms can be rotated down to be beam tonfas!
The front skirts for the waist are rather dissapointing to me. I always thought that the armour pieces will pop out to reveal those pink parts, however, they are just flat there. The thrusters on the back skirts are also pretty loose. They are secured there but with just a little push to it, the whole thruster goes hidden in the back skirts.
The legs on this guy are really tall. It increases the height of the Unicorn and well, those knees look awesome!
I tried painting those beam saber holders and thrusters with grey and a tinge of blue to it. However, those parts still look grey to me. Still, the backpack looks really great with those armours and pink parts inside.

For accessories, this kit came with a simple beam rifle, an ammo pack, a shield and 4 beam saber holders. However, there are no beam effect parts for this kit at all.
For some reasons, the barrel of the beam rifle looks unusually long to me. O_O
The shield is really different form the usual shield designs from previous Gundams. The white armours slide open and reveals clear pink pieces resembling an "X". Well, I got to say that this is really one of the greatest shield design ever!
Those beam parts are from the Unicorn mode and well, this guy looks really great with his sabers. I guess Bandai wants the people to buy the unicorn mode to get these beam parts. Another evil money-milking scheme!
The twin beam tonfas look really cool. With this, this guy wields 4 beam sabers in total. He is surely not one that you can mess with!
The comparision between both Unicorns shows that there's really a great difference in terms of hieght. Just look how tall the destroy mode is! What's more, it is quite hard to believe that they are actually the same suit. Just look at the design of both suits! 
Total pwnage! O_O
So yeah that's all for this post! This kit is really great! However, because of its price, people might think twice before getting it. O_O But still, it will not dissappoint you. I'm really satisfied with it and I finally got the two Unicorns! Now, all is left is the SD one. I will be waiting... ^^
Oh, and lastly, thanks a lot to ChubbyBots for including some of my works in this great video. Be sure to check it out!
Till the next post!